• East Texas Title CompaniesResidential Real Estate Services

    At East Texas Title Companies, our focus has always been on serving our customers by conducting our business better, smoother and more efficiently than anyone else. Our constant goal is to set new standards, meet or beat those standards, and then raise the bar again. That is how we provide the quality service that continues to exceed our customer's expectations.ke your request.

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  • East Texas Title CompaniesOnline County Records

    East Texas Title Companies is pleased to offer the most comprehensive online records search package available on the market today. Sure, there are plenty of web-based offerings, but landmen, lenders, surveyors, and attorneys are all raving about the complete solution we offer. Visit RecordsOnline for more information.

  • East Texas Title CompaniesProperty Information Services

    Even with careful planning, real estate or oil and gas transactions can get complicated; when that happens, details can fall through the cracks. Through our sister company, East Texas Tax & Land, we offer quick turnaround on tax certificates and title searches in all of the counties we serve. We offer this service to landmen, to realtors, to lenders, to surveyors and attorneys.

  • East Texas Title CompaniesCommercial Real Estate Services

    Commercial real estate professionals expect experienced professionals to handle their transactions. East Texas Title Companies has a talented staff of escrow professionals plus the added benefit of access to a team of real estate attorneys from Flowers Davis PLLC. Their legal expertise, along with their contacts throughout the title industry, gives you the benefit of fast decisions on title underwriting issues. You can trust your closing to professionals who understand the different risk positions of the various title underwriters.

  • East Texas Title CompaniesTraining & Seminars

    East Texas Title Companies offers semi-annual courses in each of our local areas. Realtors can meet licensing requirements through our TREC-approved MCE courses. Lenders stay up-to-date on current topics affecting real estate lending, legislation, and many other topics upon request. We have even created right-of-way and working interest courses for our oil and gas clients, both meeting the requirements of the State Bar of Texas and approved by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. Most classes are taught by our owner, Celia C. Flowers, Attorney. Visit our Events Calendar to see our next scheduled classes.

  • East Texas Title CompaniesAsk an Attorney

    Through Flowers Davis, PLLC, East Texas Title Companies has a team of attorneys on staff to assist you with your real estate or oil and gas needs. Realtors have questions about contracts. Lenders need advice on refinances. Twenty five percent of all real estate transactions have some sort of title problem which must be remedied prior to closing. Oil and gas companies and landmen need title opinions. Whatever your issue, our in-house attorneys can ensure that your questions are answered both promptly and properly. Email legalteam@flowersdavis.com.

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